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Student working on a lab


  • The Green Screen

    The film series focuses on the impact of climate crisis on our plant. The aim of the series has been to inform ISU students about the critical climate crisis, engage ISU’s community and the Bloomington-Normal community in lively discussions about the topic, and to cultivate a sense of civic engagement where motivated parties would work together to call for policy and operational changes to mitigate catastrophic events that are projected to happen.

  • STEM DEI Taskforce

    ISU's STEM DEI Taskforce seeks to pursue policies, procedures, and programs that contribute to establishing equity, inclusion, sense of belonging, and diverse viewpoints across the STEM units at ISU. The taskforce includes faculty or staff members from the Schools of Biological Sciences and Information Technology and the Departments of Chemistry; Geography, Geology, & the Environment, Mathematics, Physics, and Technology.

  • McLean County Makerspace Coalition

    The MCMC is a network of organizations that provide maker services and access to maker equipment to local K-12 schools, adult learners, and the public of McLean County. Long-term, we hope this coalition will facilitate the development of community-based maker programming and the sharing of community maker resources. This website refers the public to the numerous maker resources throughout McLean County.

  • CeMaST-Assisted Publications

    CeMaST supports the STEM education community by providing editor services to specific journals, including logistical, technical editing, and management abilities.

  • Energy for a Sustainable Future Seminar Series

    The Energy for a Sustainable Future Seminar Series will highlight research taking place across multiple disciplines and institutions to create broad solutions to the complex societal problem of energy resilience.