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STEM DEI Taskforce

CeMaST is the organizing body for ISU's STEM DEI Taskforce, which seeks to pursue policies, procedures, and programs that contribute to establishing and maintaining equity, inclusion, sense of belonging, and diverse viewpoints across the STEM units at ISU. The taskforce includes faculty or staff members from the Schools of Biological Sciences and Information Technology and the Departments of Chemistry; Geography, Geology, & the Environment; Mathematics; Physics; and Technology.

Do you have feedback for the taskforce?

If you would like to suggest priorities that the taskforce should focus on, or if you simply have general feedback for the taskforce, please share your ideas in this form.

Resources for STEM Units

We provide these Guidelines for Fostering EDI in STEM to encourage STEM units at ISU to establish explicit guidelines for fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity within their programs and academic units. We encourage units to adapt these documents to meet their specific needs.