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2024 Conference Speakers

Elisabeth Greenwood profile picture

Elisabeth Greenwood

High School Chemistry Teacher

Elisabeth Greenwood has the joy of teaching high school students about the wonderful world of chemistry!

For the past 11 years, she has implemented teaching methods learned from her initial teaching experience interning at the Illinois Math and Science Academy as a Golden Apple Scholar. Her philosophy centers on asking her students more questions than giving answers, and providing experiences in the classroom for students to engage and question chemical phenomena.

She also enjoys working with pre-service math and science teachers and has served as a mentor for SIUe’s Noyce science and math teacher candidates. Elisabeth is the recipient of several awards, including the NSTA’s Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Science Teachers, the Illinois Chemical Education Foundation and the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois Davidson Award, and the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics STEM Teacher Scholarship.

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Janet Moore

Janet Moore

Instructional Coach, Math

Janet Moore is a Math Instructional Coach with a passion for empowering students and teachers to be confident, curious, and competent mathematicians, regardless of their past experiences in mathematics.

Janet draws upon a unique combination of formal and informal teaching experiences that include: (1) teaching high school mathematics at Bureau Valley High School, (2) teaching developmental mathematics at Illinois State University, (3) integrating math, science, and ELA into simulated space mission experiences at the Challenger Learning Center, (4) translating the math and science involved in NASA’s high-energy astrophysics missions into lessons and materials for K-12 classrooms, and (5) providing professional development for teachers on behalf of ISBE, NSF, and MSP during the transition to Common Core and NGSS standards. 

In her curriculum development and professional development endeavors, Janet emphasizes an inquiry-based, SEL-focused approach to mathematics instruction that allows students and teachers to understand mathematical concepts through meaningful experiences.

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Brooke Whitworth

Brooke Whitworth

Educational Consultant

Dr. Brooke A. Whitworth is an associate professor and educational consultant who works to support educators by bridging the research-practice gap and making professional learning and development engaging and meaningful. 

She has delivered over a 1,000 hours of professional learning and development around the country to thousands of educators. Brooke teaches on best practices in education, differentiation, assessment, curriculum, and leadership development. She  has received over $12 million in grant funding  and  has been published in high tier research journals and practitioner journals alike.  Brooke is also a National Science Teaching Association Fellow, received the Association for Science Teacher Education’s Outstanding Educator of the Year Award, and is a recipient of Clemson University’s College of Education Researcher of the Year Award. 

Participants in her sessions often describe them as the best professional development they have ever attended and as “personally and professionally life changing”. When Brooke is not teaching or consulting, she is often found on the tennis court or stand up paddling with her dog Emi on a lake. 


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