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Broader Impacts Support

CeMaST supports ISU community members as they seek funding opportunities to use their STEM expertise to solve societal problems . Accomplishing this goal usually comes in the form of aiding in the creation of grant proposals and facilitating networking opportunities that enable strong “broader impacts” of grant-funded projects. We can help in both the proposal development phase and the implementation phase.

Proposal Development

CeMaST supports ISU researchers as they write proposals to support their STEM research. CeMaST can help faculty to:

  • Align their proposal with educational or broader impact expectations
  • Help prepare a budget to support the plan
  • Help design an evaluation plan
  • Edit the final proposal
  • Assist with the internal Illinois State University submission process, as defined by ISU's Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) Office, which is the authorized unit to submit grant and sponsored project proposals on behalf of the University
  • Assist with the electronic submission to funding agency

Project Implementation

CeMaST can partner with ISU STEM researchers to enable the broader impact, educational, and outreach activities that have been funded following the proposal development phase. CeMaST can contribute to grant-funded projects through the following activities, which are typically planned for in the initial proposal for funding:

  • Recruiting participants into educational/outreach activities
  • Managing budgets and interacting with RSP, the Comptroller, and ISU Purchasing as needed
  • Helping implement or leading the evaluation plan
  • Contributing to reports to the funding agency
  • Contributing to manuscript writing
  • Assisting with or leading internal Illinois State University management processes

If you are interested in utilizing these services please complete contact Rebekka Darner to schedule a meeting.