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Noyce Scholar Profiles

Jessica DeVosJessica DeVos, Mathematics, 2018

Jessica is certified to teach high school mathematics. She is currently teaching Algebra at Romeoville High School in Romeoville, IL. Jessica has used skills learned in the Noyce program to further her knowledge of mathematics and other STEM subjects, as well as skills necessary to teach diverse families with low-income.

"Through the Noyce Program, I was able to gain experience working with many different students and how to work in a community of students, teachers, and parents. I also gained further experience within mathematics research that benefits me everyday as a professional. I am thankful for Discovery Academy as well as the research internship because they have provided me with experience that I can take to my students every day. Because of Noyce, I am more self aware of the situations I am surrounded with and even how I can best work with any student regardless of background. This program has shaped me into an educator I can truly be proud of and I'm thankful everyday."


Madelin Dorta

Madelin Dorta, Mathematics, 2019

Madelin's Noyce scholarship has enabled her to take the courses needed to earn minors in both Spanish and Latino & Latin studies. She will earn her teaching certification in Spanish as well as secondary mathematics. 

"As teachers, I believe we must be devoted to our students to ensure we are doing all we can to better the learning of our students. I also strongly believe that teachers can positively influence our students to improve their moral and ethical character in the classroom. The Noyce teaching internship was an experience where I first learned to never give up on my students. It can be easy to become frustrated with our students, but this experience taught me that patience with our students can lead to breakthroughs and make a difference in our student's lives. The online classes I took through the Noyce program allowed me to work through tough situations and enrich my understanding of working with diverse classrooms."

Jackson EarlJackson Earl, Mathematics, 2019

Jackson earned his teaching certificate in secondary mathematics. He is now teaching Accelerated Geometry and Mathematical Experiments with Computer Science at Champaign Central High School. Jackson's participation in the Noyce program made him eligible for the STEM Teacher and Researcher (STAR) Program, which he has participated in for two summers. Through the STAR program, Jackson worked for a summer at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, California where he conducted on research using x-ray absorption spectroscopy to probe bulk properties of nano-diamond at Stanford's Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. He also worked at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in which he contributed Python demonstrations of hypergraph analytics for multiple uses, such as biometrics data, terrorism incident reports, and semantic graphs. Participants in the STAR program receive housing, a generous stipend, and travel support to/from the research site, in addition to meeting wonderful people and living an experience of a lifetime.

"As a future educator, it will be my indefinite effort to empower the minds of our youth to think boldly, critically, and analytically about the natural world we inhabit through the lens of mathematics. My research experience during my third year as an undergraduate, under the direction of Dr. Lucian M. Ionescu, unveiled a vast, new realm of topics in mathematical physics I will explore for years to come. I did not quite realize how much of a journey I would embark on, and how much the process would change who I am. The pursuit for truths about the world we live in is not one done with brevity; it is one that takes time, a great deal of patience, and hard work. And hopefully, I can help my future students find that same wisdom, whatever their goals may be."

Caleb Scott

Caleb Scott, Technology & Engineering, 2020

Tell me and I forgot. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Caleb will be certified to teach Graphic Design, CAD, and Introduction to Construction courses. Caleb feels his participation in the Noyce program has taught him the skills needed to build relationships with his students. "During our micro-teaching at Thomas Metcalf Elementary School, we worked with kids nearly the same age as we did during Discovery Academy. I'm very thankful for the experience from Discovery Academy as it allowed me to ease into my time with the students at Metcalf much easier and connect with them as we discussed projects and taught our lesson plan from class." 

Michael BaileyMichael Bailey, Technology & Engineering, 2020

A child miseducated is a child lost. -John F. Kennedy

Michael is earning his teaching certificate in technology and engineering education and hopes to teach introductory or advanced engineering, Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Drafting, automotive science, wood and metal manufacturing, or welding. He also hopes to become involved in Project Lead the Way as a high school teacher. 

"One distinct aspect that I learned from my experience during Discovery Academy is how to implement inquiry into a classroom. Oftentimes, a class can be the same, dull experience that holds no interest for students. I want to change that completely. If anything, a class should be an immersive experience that helps facilitate inquiry and build upon students' curiosity."

Tori EdelmanTori Edelman, Geology, 2020

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. - Albert Einstein

Tori is earning her teaching certificate in secondary Earth and Space Science Education. Tori believes that being apart of the Noyce program is a once of the best experiences she has had in college. It has taught her what a regular class at ISU cannot. "The experience that I gained from working as a mentor at Discovery Academy will help me as I begin my teaching career. My cohort and I were able to create and try out different lesson plans with the kids, which leaves us better prepared to take on our own classrooms in the future. Being a part of Discovery Academy opened my eyes on how it feels to be the teacher in a classroom, and also how to allow the students to be active in their learning. I absolutely loved it and it was a great opportunity." Tori was also able to work in an ISU biology lab for a summer, allowing her to conduct research and strengthen her skills as a scientist to become an even better teacher.

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