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ISU Noyce Scholarship Program

The ISU Noyce Scholarship Program seeks to encourage talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) majors and professionals to become K-12 STEM teachers in the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Technology

Program Structure

There are 3 components to participating in the program. Participation in all three components is required to receive scholarship funds.

1. Noyce Internship Bri Lehr and Dr. Sullivan present a poster at the end of her research internship.

The Noyce internship occurs during the summer prior to the junior year. Eligibility for the internship is at least a 2.8 GPA and interest in exploring a STEM teaching profession. It is not yet necessary to have already declared a STEM teacher education major, because the internship may be used to explore your interest in a STEM teaching profession. The internship begins in mid-May and the first week of August. The internship involves gaining both research and teaching experience, requires full-time commitment (~40 hours per week), and it requires registration for a 3-credit course, for which the tuition is waived. Interns are paid a $4500 stipend for the internship. The priority deadline for the Noyce internship is January 31 of the year of the internship, after which applications are accepted on a rolling basis. If during the internship you have decided you want to pursue a STEM teaching career, you should apply for the Noyce scholarship, which is due in July of the internship summer. Participants in the Noyce internship will be provided the link to the scholarship application during the internship.

2. Declaration of a STEM Teaching Major  

If you have already declared a major in one of the following majors, you have already completed this requirement. Otherwise, if during the internship summer you have decided that you want to pursue a STEM teaching career and apply for the scholarship, by the end of your first semester of your junior year, you must also declare your major in one of the following:

3. Noyce Senior Seminar

During the summer between the junior and senior year, Noyce Scholars enroll in a 3-credit online course entitled Noyce Senior Seminar, in which we will discuss the challenges and rewards of teaching in settings that have high teacher attrition and/or a high percentage of low-income students. Tuition is waived for this course. Passing this course with a B or higher is required to continue receiving scholarship funds in the senior year.


  • Be a student at an IL community college or ISU who has not yet entered the junior year
  • Attend ISU for the junior and senior years and major in one of the eligible majors (see above list)
  • Maintain a GPA sufficient for acceptance and persistence in the chosen major
  • Be committed to teaching a STEM subject in a school that has high teacher attrition or a high percentage of low-income students
  • Have completed at least 75% of the credit hours attempted at the time of application for scholarship funds

Teaching Commitment & Other Requirements

By accepting a Noyce scholarship, a recipient agrees that for each semester of scholarship accepted ($5000), the recipient will teach for 1 year in a district that has high teacher attrition and/or a high percentage of low-income students. This means that if someone takes the full scholarship amount, ($20,000), s/he commits to teaching for at least 4 years. About 50% of districts in Illinois qualify as settings where you could fulfill the teaching commitment. Data on specific districts can be accessed at Note that recipients of TEACH Grants cannot accept Noyce Scholarships and vice versa.

How to Apply

Internship applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with the priority deadline as January 31 to participate in the internship the following summer. Once an internship participant, you become eligible to apply for the scholarship during the summer prior to your third year in college. The scholarship application is due July 31. Internship participants will be provided the link for the scholarship application.

Click here to access the internship application.

Noyce Scholar Profiles

Are you curious how participation in the Noyce program has benefited its participants? Click here to read profiles of current and past scholars.


If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Rebekka Darner, Director of the ISU Noyce Scholarship Program, at or 309-438-3071.

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