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The projects that CeMaST helps to support include teacher professional development and increasing opportunities for students from underrepresented populations. CeMaST provides services to help facilitate and support projects focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).


STEM Alliance

Illinois State University's STEM Alliance is a program that seeks to support students who belong to groups underrepresented in STEM fields to graduation and beyond. Services include Career Day, field trips, mentoring by STEM faculty, financial assistance, and support for engaging in undergraduate research.

Illinois State University Computer Science and Information Systems Scholarship Program

The Computer Science and Information Systems Scholarship Program is a part of the Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics  (S-STEM) Program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Computer Science and Information Systems Scholarship Program in The School of Information Technology (ITK) offers scholarships to academically talented students majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology who have financial need.

ISU Noyce Scholarship Program

The ISU Noyce Scholarship program at Illinois State University seeks to encourage talented STEM majors to become K-12 teachers in a high needs school district. The program covers the last two years of pre-service teacher education at Illinois State, making it ideal for current Illinois State students and community college transfers.


The TEACHER+PLUS Project is a special initiative at Illinois State University that is open to all teacher education majors who have interests in pursuing employment in the Chicago Public Schools. The central goal of this initiative is to prepare teachers to work in this challenging urban context by providing them targeted course work, clinical experiences and unique internship opportunities. Because the clinical experiences and internship opportunities are Chicago-based, the student will become gradually accustomed to the communities and schools they will be working in, as well as the students, parents, teachers and community leaders who are inhabitants within these contexts. A special incentive to students who participate in the TEACHER+PLUS Project and remain in good standing is entry into our gateway summer, STEP-UP internship program that culminates in a guaranteed 3-year teaching contract to work in a Chicago public school upon graduation from Illinois State.

STEM at Illinois State

Innovation Consulting Community

College students are provided with a transformational learning experience guided by project mentors with the opportunity to further develop a creative mindset to propose solutions to complex problems and innovation in strategy.

STEM Virtual Tour of Illinois State

Take the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Virtual Tour of Illinois State University and see the locations across campus that are involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics research, development, and education.

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