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Grant-writing Support Teams

CeMaST hosts grant-writing support teams that support faculty in developing the skills to be a teacher-scholar at ISU. We explore high-impact teaching practices and how they can be integrated into competitive funding proposals to the National Science Foundation.


Each fall semester, an invitation goes out via email to invite participation. Faculty are paired according disciplinary expertise and similar grant-writing timelines. Support is provided to teams throughout their timeline through targeted peer review and discussion sessions on topics such as:

  • Conceptualizing one's research through the lenses of NSF's two merit review criteria, Broader Impacts and Intellectual Merit
  • Problematizing one's research to demonstrate an urgent need for funding
  • Understanding the higher education landscape and how teacher-scholars can contribute to positive institutional change
  • NSF's 10 Big Ideas and how we can frame our research by them
  • Logistics of grant proposal submission and working with ISU's Research and Sponsored Programsoffice

Eligibility & how to join

Support teams are open to any researcher on campus. Programming is geared toward supporting research that can be funded by any of NSF's Directorates. New faculty are encouraged to participate, even if they do not plan to submit any funding proposals during their first year. A mass invitation is sent to faculty members at the beginning of each fall semester.