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Elementary School

CeMaST has partnered with TPS Publishing to produce, promote, and distribute the Creative Core Curriculum program. This is available for both mathematics and science.

Both the mathematics and science Creative Core Curriculum programs consist of a series of lessons and practice sheets that specifically address Common Core Standards for Mathematics or Next Generation Science Standards grades K-5. Both programs also include correlated lessons utilizing crafting activities, specific materials for ELL and students with special needs, and an extensive assessment database. CeMaST contributed STEM projects addressing each standard and provides professional development for all of the Creative Core Curriculum materials.

The STEM Project books provide ideas and instructions for several projects specifically designed to teach and apply specific standards. Students to work in groups to solve problems as they design and build products. All activities are written in a learning cycle format that requires application of the Mathematical Practices and Science and Engineering Practices as defined by the standards.


Mathematics   Science  
Kindergarten Book
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Float Your Boat
  • Classy Cars
  • Castle Design
Kindergarten Science Book
  • Helicopter Construction
  • Underground Gardening
  • Blue Skies
  • Stuff
  • Classy Plants and Animals

First Grade

Mathematics   Science  
1st Grade Mathematics Book
  • Teddy Bear Airline
  • Harvest Time
  • Toothpicks & Marshmallows
1st Grade Science Book
  • What's the Matter?
  • Rock Hard
  • Free to a Good Home
  • Formula M-1 Racing
  • Blown Away
  • Looking Up

Second Grade

Mathematics   Science  
2nd Grade Mathematics Book
  • Museum Heist
  • Math Mini-Choppers
  • Growing Flowers
  • Cake Walk
2nd Grade Science Book
  • It's a Worm's Life
  • Let it Rain
  • Window Shopping
  • Making Music

Third Grade

Mathematics   Science  
3rd Grade Mathematics Book
  • Ski Math
  • Antique Calculator
  • Tetrahedron Kite
  • Delivery Route
  • Geometric Design
3rd Grade Science Book
  • Make It Solid
  • Crank It Up
  • Just Swimmingly
  • Game Day
  • Spinning in Space
  • Making Mountains
  • Summer Sun
  • Human Body 101
  • Happy Flowers

Fourth Grade

Mathematics   Science  
4th Grade Mathematics Book
  • Plan Your Escapement
  • Math-ball Wizard
  • Stomp the Math
  • Rocket Apogee
  • 3DGeo
4th Grade Science Book
  • Bells and Whistles
  • Crashing Waves
  • What's for Lunch?
  • Class of Rock
  • Good Food

Fifth Grade

Mathematics   Science  
5th Grade Mathematics Book
  • Crytology
  • Engines
  • Fractional Playground
  • Hydroplane Racing
  • Planetary Exploration
5th Grade Science Book
  • Pick Your Favorite
  • Laser Razzle Dazzle
  • The Big Picture
  • Just Add Heat
  • Hot and Cold
  • Its Coming
  • Organ Music
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