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Muscle Kart Racing FAQs

Why Muscle Kart Racing?

Indiana State Fair 1932There is a growing interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). This has resulted in many STEM schools being set up and many STEM-related activities and competitions being held in children’s museums and other venues. There are many different competitions in areas such as robotics, coding, and bridge building available for these students to hone and display their skills. None of these, however, would be considered a "sport," as none of them have a physical component. Muscle Car racing will teach and apply STEM skills and require a physical component.

How do we build the Muscle Kart?

You can order a Chassis Kit for the Muscle Kart, which includes steering, brakes, seat, and safety considerations. The body can be built of cardboard/tape or other inexpensive materials. A Chassis Kit Production book and a Chassis Kit Assembly book are available to order. Contact Brad Christensen ( for pricing and more information.

How do I integrate STEM concepts along with Muscle Kart Racing into my curriculum?

Many STEM concepts could be covered with kart design and racing. You could incorporate testing air resistance, measuring and minimizing weight requirements, or measuring kart acceleration. We are in the process of developing a curriculum book to aid you in the design of your lessons. Contact Brad Christensen ( for more information.

What other roles can be incorporated into a Muscle Kart Race?

There are many roles that can be divided among students outside of building the kart. Budgeting, event organization, course design, etc. can all happen simultaneously with building the testing the kart.

Ideas for Using the Muscle Kart Chassis (pdf)

Is Muscle Kart Racing safe?

As with all physical activities, there is a risk for injury. The primary risk to injury is to the kart pushers. Safe course design can minimize that risk. Please download the safety considerations below to make your Muscle Kart Race a safe one.

Muscle Kart Safety Considerations (pdf)

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