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Built Muscle Kart ChassisMuscle Kart Racing

Push Car racing was a popular activity in the early 1900s. Children would be propelled around a track in a home-made car. The STEM Racing Series seeks to revive the sport by introducing “Muscle Kart” racing as a means to teach valuable knowledge and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The Team

Muscle Kart Racing is open to anyone ages 5-12. Teams consist of 1 driver and 6 runners, all within specific age groups. A team might consist of people from the same club, organization, neighborhood, school class, family, Scout troup, etc.

The Car

Each racing team starts with a pre-assembled chassis. In some situations it may be best for students to start with a disassembled kit. Detailed and fully illustrated assembly instructions are included. The racing team researches, designs, and builds a body for their car from cardboard and other inexpensive materials. The body is not structural and does not affect performance.

Muscle Kart Racers The STEM Learning

Many skills are required to successfully complete a Muscle Kart Race, including documentation of the design process, budget accounting, research on karts/driver, designing kart specifications and analyzing data.

Cars are free of charge within Illinois, and each school is responsible for consumables (glue, tape, accessories, etc...). Due to funding uncertainties, we may need to charge for mileage.


*IMPORTANT! We are not accepting any reservations at this time.*

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