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Resources for K-12 and Informal STEM Educators

Graduate Programs for Teachers

These graduate degree programs, some of which are 100% online while others are face-to-face, provide ongoing professional development to STEM teachers.

Professional Development

We provide customized STEM professional development throughout the state of Illinois, usually led by Dr. Brad Christensen. We try our best to keep our PD offerings at a reasonable cost, which covers our time, travel, and materials/supplies. PD is charged on a sliding scale according to the district's published evidence-based funding tier at Illinois Report Card.

Smart Grid for Schools 

Illinois electricity producers and distributors have Smart Grid technology across the state. What does this mean for the residential energy consumer? With a grant from the Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF), CeMaST works with teachers and students to foster understanding of Smart energy technologies, energy-related career exploration, and energy conservation.

High School Research Symposium

Bring your students to ISU's campus to present their inquiry-based projects from your STEM classroom. Students give a poster presentation of their research and have the opportunity to receive feedback from ISU STEM faculty and graduate students.

Midwest Regional Noyce Conference

CeMaST hosts the Midwest Regional Noyce Conference, which invites all Noyce program affiliates to network and engage in professional development each October. Conference objectives are to increase the personal connections among Midwest Noyce project members, utilize these new and/or strengthened connections to share expertise and knowledge across Midwest Noyce projects, support the professional development of Noyce Scholars, and build a community of practice among Noyce Scholars.

K-12 STEM Curricula

These curriculum materials allow students to conduct inquiry-based activities as they explore and apply concepts, leading to a greater STEM understanding. Many of the curricula are the result of several years of work by scores of educators with nation-wide field testing and assessment.

Monster Chopper Challenge

The Monster Chopper is a kit that allows students to build a full-size motorcycle, which can then be customized. It is made of plywood and held together with bolts. It is appropriate for grades K-12 and adults. Although it does not roll, the Monster Chopper Challenge is an exciting and engaging vehicle to teach communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Pushcart Racing

Push-car racing was a popular activity in the early 1900s. Children would be propelled around a track in a home-made car. The STEM pushcarts can teach valuable knowledge and skills, as well as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

STEM Challenges

Hosted by the Illinois Science & Technology Institute, STEM Challenges are real-world projects that create opportunities for high school students to work alongside STEM professionals as mentors. Students and mentors from STEM Challenge industry partners collaborate over the course of six months to explore, create, and build innovative solutions.

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