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Project EDDIE: Soil Respiration Module

Project Summary

Soils hold more carbon (C) than any other component of the terrestrial biosphere! In this module, students will explore high-frequency, sensor-based datasets documenting climate variables and the emissions of C (as CO2) from soils to the atmosphere, and learn about drivers and patterns of soil respiration. This module, like all Project EDDIE modules, is designed with an A-B-C structure to make it flexible and adaptable to a range of student levels and course structures.


We recognize that many users might wish to modify this activity. Please include text in each file that you use that acknowledges the original development of this module. We suggest this text, which is currently included in each file:

" This module was initially developed by Nave, L.E., N. Bader, and J.L. Klug. 25 June 2015. Project EDDIE: Soil Respiration. Project EDDIE Module 9, Version 1. Module development was supported by NSF DEB 1245707."


Please cite this module as: "Nave, L.E., N. Bader, and J.L. Klug. 25 June 2015. Project EDDIE: Soil Respiration. Project EDDIE Module 9, Version 1."

Class Time

This entire module can be completed in one 2-3-hour lab period or two 50-minute lecture periods for introductory or intermediate level students. If the activity was introduced ahead of time and students have used Excel before, Activity A could be completed in a single 50-60-minute lecture period, but you may then want to budget additional time following class for students to complete Activity B.

Class Context

This module is recommended for introductory or intermediate Geology and Environmental Science courses. We anticipate the module could be used in a variety of courses. Module materials can be tailored to increase or decrease the background information depending on students' quantitative skills.


  • Instructor's Manual [docx]
  • Instructor's PowerPoint [pptx]
  • Student Handout [docx]
  • Data [xlsx]

Project Support

Project EDDIE is supported by funding from NSF DEB 1245707. Project EDDIE is sponsored by the National Association for Geoscience Teachers.

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