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1. Lake Ice Phenology

2. Lake Metabolism

3. Lake Mixing

4. Lake Modeling

5. Stream Discharge

6. Water Quality

7. Nutrient Loading

8. Climate Change

9. Soil Respiration

10. Seismology


Module Topics

All modules in Revision or Final Editing should be posted in August 2016.

Modules In Development are undergoing their first year of assessment, and will be posted in August 2016.

Module Theme Datasets Status
1 Lake Ice Phenology NSIDC Global Lake and River Ice Phenology Database Posted
2 Lake Metabolism Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) Posted
3 Lake Mixing GLEON Posted
4 Lake Modeling GLEON Posted
5 Stream Discharge USGS Hydrologic Benchmark Network, USGS Current Water Data Posted
6 Water Quality USGS Water Quality Watch Posted
7 Nutrient Loading USGS Water Quality Watch, USGS Current Water Data Revision
8 Climate Change NASA GISS, NOAA ESRL Mauna Loa CO2, NOAA NCDC Revision
9 Soil Respiration Ameriflux, CDIAC Posted
10 Seismology IRIS In development
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